We offer courses, coachings, and workshops for all levels and also children.

All teachers are certified VDWS instructors and teach under the newest and highest safety standards.

Beginner Course

Fundamental training for all future Kitesurfers incl.

  • Theory
  • 3 practical lessons
  • Full kitesurf equipment
  • Video analysis
8 hours319€

Advanced Course

For all, having already completed a beginner course, wanting to feel even more secure and improve further incl.

  • Briefing
  • 2 practical lessons
  • Video analysis
  • Debriefing
4,5 hours179€

Private Coaching for Advanced Kitesurfers

Everything is possible. You decide on the topics.

  • Individual preparation
  • 2 practical lessons on the water
  • Video analysis
  • Debriefing

Better upwind technique? Learning how to tack properly? Riding a directional board? Jumping higher? Learning new tricks? Unhooked?

Our private coaching is just the thing for you.

4 hours199€

Trial Course

Get to know the coolest sport on planet earth incl.

  • Theory
  • 1 practical lesson
2 hours69€

Children Course

A special, individually prepared course for each child.

  • Playful learning
  • Practical training on land and water
  • Full child-oriented kitesurf equipment
3 hours169€


Knowing theory will improve your level a lot!

Theoretical and practical workshops
All topics are combinable.

  • Launching and landing kites confidently and safely under all conditions
  • Launching and landing your kite yourself safely without help of others
  • How to react to frontstalls, backstalls, inverted lines
  • How to overcome emergency situations
  • Self Rescue
  • The perfect take-off for even more height!
  • Your best friend the kiteloop. Learn how to use kiteloops in all kinds of situation – also apart from jumping
  • Foil Kite Workshops – how to launch, land and handle foil kites in comparison to tube kites
from 45€