Welcome to your paradise of kiting in Parajuru – Brazil!

We are happy that you are here!

You don’t need any forecast. It’s always windy. Cross onshore and unbelievably consistent.
Different lagoons and the ocean add a lot of variety to our place for every kitesurfer regardless of the level.

A broad sandy beach without any obstacles and the butter flat lagoon, will make every kitesurfer happy.

Due to the extremely comfortable water temperature you can leave your wetsuit at home.

Our unique location near the mouth of the river Rio Pirangi provides an ideal spot for all levels and expectations.
Butter flat water, a shallow area in the lagoon and waves. You can have it all!

Look at the wind statistics.

Our kiteschool and station „Escola de Kite” daily provides all important informations for you.

Besides current conditions and tides you will get a briefing of our spot. You will also have the possibility to enjoy downwinders together with us 🙂

Our team is always happy to answer your questions and hit the water with you.

Would you like to try something new like Winging or Foiling? Do you need help learning a new skill or trick?

We always lend you our support and help you to achieve all of your goals. Video analysis after your session will improve your level immediately.

If you are a beginner and want to know how to kitesurf, we want to create the perfect environment for you to make you feel safe and happy on your journey in your kitesurfing career. And we will celebrate your success together soon 🙂

Visiting us with your family is also a great idea. We offer courses and workshops for everyone and also for children. On the hotel grounds and around Parajuru you can experience lots of activities for children and adults.

Childcare in the hotel facility makes kitesurfing sessions together with your partner possible.

We offer the newest equipment from DUOTONE, ION and FANATIC for rent. We are happy to have the most innovative and best performing equipment available for you.

To make a good impression on social media we can arrange a photo-shooting and filming session having you on the water.

After a long day of kiting we will enjoy a Brazilian caipirinha or an Aqua de Coco at the hotel bar.

Slacklining and our Balanceboard is available for you to improve your kiting. Furthermore you can use our mobility area and our TRX Suspension Trainer as well as our Blackroll equipment to stay in balance during your kitesurfing holiday.

Courses & Workshops

Our courses and workshops ensure the best possible progression for your kitesurfing career.


Feel the difference with the newest and best equipment from DUOTONE.


Join us on one of our legendary downwinders. Unforgettable experiences guaranteed!


“I give my best everyday, to make you the best kiter possible.”


“I love Brazil and I will show you why.”


“Pula-Pula and always on fire.”


We are looking forward having you with us!

Let us know if you have any questions 🙂